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We have been servicing the Twin Cities, MN for over 30 years and remain one of the most established and busiest repair companies in the metro area. We have a rich history in the repair of instruments for 16 school districts, professional jazz, pop, and rock artists, local university, college, and conservatory teachers, their students and local musicians of all walks of the musical journey.

This company was established by Edward J. Davenport of the locally famed musical Kenneth Davenport family in the mid seventies. The entire Davenport family was committed to music led by Ken's tenure in the Minneapolis Symphony and wife Janet's piano involvement in city music functions. Ed and his sisters played strings professionally most of their lives and were key players in establishing string programs in the high schools of the northern suburbs of Minneapolis in the sixties and seventies.

Davenport Repair has always employed musicians turned technicians in order to keep the love of, and involvement in music alive within the repair confines. That remains true today. We want to understand the language of the musician as well as know the mechanics of the instruments we specialize in.

We currently boast of our 142 years of combined experience within our staff of ten technicians in order to reassure our customers that each repair is done by the tech specializing in the particular procedure. We pride ourselves in swapping knowledge and techniques between us, utilizing the wealth of experience our company has to draw from.

Davenport Repair Company was sold to Ed's manager and woodwind tech of 25 years, Doug Kuehn, in July of 2005. Having seen the operating styles, service habits, and business practices of Ed Davenport for 25 years, Doug has vowed to continue the legacy and the three key operations (great work, great prices, and quick delivery) that have make this company so strong and successful.

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We welcome you to visit us. We are conveniently located within three Schmitt Music stores in the metro and transfer instruments between all locations three times a week making us closer that you realize!

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